Difference between two 24 hour times calculator

Enter two times in 24 hour form and press "Calculate difference". The difference is displayed in days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Days Hrs Mins Secs
Days Hrs Mins Secs
See also 24-hour time calculator


  1. Enter a time in the top row in 24 hour form. (Example: ten minutes past noon is 12:10:00). If you leave a value empty it is assumed to be zero.
  2. Enter another time, later than the first, in the second row. This row also allows you to enter a day. So, for example, if you entered 2 in the day field, the second time is taken to be two days after the start time. The first time is always assumed to be day zero.
  3. Press "Calculate".
  4. The difference between the two is shown in the lower four rows, in all combinations of days, hours, minutes and seconds.

A note about midnight

In 24 hour format, midnight is 00:00:00. The last second of the day is 23:59:59. There is no such time as 24:00:00.

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