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"This is exactly what I think the web is about. I am a parent assisting my kids in their maths (junior to high school level) and will use this site from time to time. I myself I'm writing some notes around what I understand about maths as I feel this will make my teaching to the kids more beneficial. Cheers"
- Jerry (Newcastle-upon-Tyne - UK)
"..a fabulous teaching website."
- Lorena
Feedback: Midpoint Definition
"I REALLY enjoyed this site! I was whomped with homework for math in which I had to define all these different terms that seemed like a different language to me! This really helped! Thanks! "
Hello, "I haven't looked at your entire site yet, but what I've seen is outstanding. Congratulations on a fine achievement and thanks for putting it on the Web." With kind regards,
- Scott P
"I learned about your textbook through a MathForum e-mail. I love what I see. I was wondering about the portions of the text that are not available. When will these be available or how can I have access to them."
"We are a laptop school and your site is one of the best illustrations of Geometric ideas that I have come across."
- Lisa A, St. George's Independent School Collierville, TN
"This site is GREAT!! Having the flash/ java stuff so that the students can manipulate the images and explore the concepts is going to be so helpful when I use this in my geo class this year... I've just started exploring-- Can't wait to check mre of it out! "
- Laura R
"That is great. It is not only clear, the interactive examples are a lot of fun. I tried all the links. Very nice."
- Charlene D
"This page is awesome! I will soon be a student teacher in mathematics and I would like to be able to use this as an interactive teaching tool in the classroom. The definition of a chord is clear and concise and the graphics are wonderful- Thank you,"
Lisa K

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