Midpoint of a line segment

Definition: A point on a line segment that divides it into two equal parts
The halfway point of a line segment
Try this Adjust the line segment below by dragging an orange dot on an endpoint and see how the point M always divides the segment PQ into two equal halves.

See the figure above. The point M is the midpoint of the line segment PQ. Only a line segment can have a midpoint. A line cannot since it goes on indefinitely in both directions, and so has no midpoint. A ray cannot because it has only one end, and hence no midpoint.

When a line cuts another line into two equal parts it is called a bisector. The bisector will cut the line at its midpoint. The midpoint of a line segment can be found using a compass and straightedge. See Constructing the perpendicular bisector of a line segment.

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