Using a Protractor to Draw an Angle

This shows how to use a protractor to draw an angle - 42° in this example. We start with a line segment ML. Using a protractor, we draw another line MV at an angle of 42° to it.

InstructionsClick Next or Run to see a demonstration of how to use a protractor to draw an angle.

For a description of the protractor see The Protractor
For a demonstration of using the protractor to measure an angle see Measuring Angles with a Protractor

Printable step-by-step instructions

The above animation is available as a printable step-by-step instruction sheet, which can be used for making handouts or when a computer is not available.

Try it yourself

Click here for a printable angle drawing worksheet. When you get to the page, use the browser print command to print as many as you wish. The printed output is not copyright.

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