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"Your Open Reference site is outstanding! I am going to share this site with my peers (especially those who teach Geometry)... "
- Frank V
Feedback: Cubic curve and graph display
"Wow. Both of them are great ways to illustrate how the different equations impact how it appears on a graph. Brilliant."
"Well done on providing such useful tools & information. I haven't fully explored your site but I can see it is a good source for checking and learning."
"This is exactly what I think the web is about. I am a parent assisting my kids in their maths (junior to high school level) and will use this site from time to time. I myself I'm writing some notes around what I understand about maths as I feel this will make my teaching to the kids more beneficial. Cheers"
- Jerry (Newcastle-upon-Tyne - UK)
"..a fabulous teaching website."
- Lorena
Feedback: Midpoint Definition
"I REALLY enjoyed this site! I was whomped with homework for math in which I had to define all these different terms that seemed like a different language to me! This really helped! Thanks! "
Feedback: Cubic curve and graph display
"Good morning, Mr. Page. Many thanks to you, sir for taking the time and energy to put this out for us unwashed masses. Very informative and easy to follow."
"I just love this web site!"
"Many thanks found your site extremely helpful in understanding this topic."
- year 9 pupil
"Hi - I am _loving_ your site! My Masters curriculum project is similar, but only using GSP instead of Java. Very nice job! "
- Marc C, Math Teacher Spencerport High School
"I am currently a student teacher and I find this site wonderful. And while I am not teaching Geometry, I will keep it in mind for when I do. I absolutely love your "Constructions" page!"
Scott F
"Hi, a very helpful guide to geometry for a poor mathematician like myself. I hope you find the time to complete the remaining subjects. Brilliant work."
"This is a fantastic site-- the animations for the construction of the bisector of a segment are great. I am anxious to see the proof section of the text. ... I will definitely be using it with my students"
"I love it. It really helped me with my math project thank u so much"
"Thank you for the wonderful work and the content. Today my son had a doubt in some topics and I could explain him, the graphic illustrations you presented were amazing. Thanks once again. "
Feedback: Quadratic curve and graph display
"Excellent tool to expose students to the concept of quadratic curve. Do U have a similiar tool for cubic & other complext curves in graphical display ? Thks."
Feedback: Polygon diagonals
"This is great. I was looking for an example for my daughter on this subject your interactive diagram showed up. She looked at it and understood the concept in mins for grade 4 math. "
"It's wonderful!"
"Dear John, Thanks for your site, I came across it from a link in wikipedia. I was very impressed with the animations"
- M
Feedback: Circumference of a circle definition
"you helped me on my homework thanks alot"
"Today I have found your site while refreshing my math so I can help with my sons homework. I would like to thank you for your clear, easy to understand, well explained text and diagrams. (I needed a crash course on shapes) Thank you"
- Mrs W
"This site is fantastic. I am regularly looking for media assists using technology to demonstrate some of these topics. If time were no issue, I would have my Geometry students create many of these demos on Cabri Jr. or Sketchpad, but time is always a classroom restriction and your illustrations and animations are first rate. Thank you very much. Thousands of students will benefit from your work. "
- Mark H
"Hello! I just stumbled onto your site! I am VERY impressed! I teach homeschoolers Algebra 1 and 2, as well as Geometry. Your site so easily and clearly explains through your interactive 'pictures', that many questions that my students would have are already answered ! thank you for all your work! God bless, "
Marie G., Downingtown, PA
"This sife is awsome! It get down to the point, it gives great info. And it does'nt take that long to get the point either."
"Hi John, Just found you site containing useful demonstrations of key topics in geometry. It must have taking you ages to put together, I do appreciate having this resource available. I look forward to you adding further demonstrations to your already excellent site. Regards, "
- J
"this page is very good and helpful"
Hello, "I haven't looked at your entire site yet, but what I've seen is outstanding. Congratulations on a fine achievement and thanks for putting it on the Web." With kind regards,
- Scott P
"I learned about your textbook through a MathForum e-mail. I love what I see. I was wondering about the portions of the text that are not available. When will these be available or how can I have access to them."
"We are a laptop school and your site is one of the best illustrations of Geometric ideas that I have come across."
- Lisa A, St. George's Independent School Collierville, TN
"This site is GREAT!! Having the flash/ java stuff so that the students can manipulate the images and explore the concepts is going to be so helpful when I use this in my geo class this year... I've just started exploring-- Can't wait to check mre of it out! "
- Laura R
"That is great. It is not only clear, the interactive examples are a lot of fun. I tried all the links. Very nice."
- Charlene D
"This page is awesome! I will soon be a student teacher in mathematics and I would like to be able to use this as an interactive teaching tool in the classroom. The definition of a chord is clear and concise and the graphics are wonderful- Thank you,"
Lisa K