Pythagorean Triples
A right triangle where the sides are in the ratio of integers. (Integers are whole numbers like 3, 12 etc)

For example, the following are pythagorean triples:
There are infinitely many pythagorean triples. There are 50 with a hypotenuse less than 100 alone. Here are the first few: 3:4:5 , 6:8:10 , 5:12:13 , 9:12:15 , 8:15:17 etc...

If you multiply each side by an integer, the result will be another triple, demonstrating that there is an infinite number of them. Remember: it is the ratio of the lengths of the sides that counts, not the actual length. The units of measurement are thus irrelevant.

The smallest and perhaps best known triple, the 3:4:5 is explored in greater depth 3-4-5 Triangles.

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